Our Work

Demonstration Greenway and Spreading the Word

1st Greenway: Reviving 1.3 kilometers of greenway in Tai-He Ba-Bao Village, Yi-Lan County by road width reduction, indigenous trees planting, light pollution reduction, and herbicide elimination. TMI Trail cooperated with communities, county government, local community college and institutions to accomplish this task.  

2nd Greenway: Creating 45 kilometers of greenway in Tainan, connecting Wusanto Reservoir and Taijiang National Park through Chianan Canal. This is an ongoing project, currently in the process of building passenger-friendly walkways and bikeways.    


Eco-Craft Trail Campaign

  • “Keep Out Concrete, Keep it Natural”

TMI Trail has completed the investigation of 274 trails in Taipei and New Taipei City with the help of our volunteers. The organization continues its eco-craft trail repair methods and campaigns to preserve trails in its most natural forms.  

  •  Trail Volunteer Working Holiday Training   

TMI Trail holds Working Holiday Volunteer Programs to train volunteers in trail repairing and maintenance, in which volunteers practice trail repairing by hand without the machines used to build concrete trails. The eco-craft trail practice would not have been successful without the help of TMI Trail volunteers.  


Community Empowerment with In-Depth Eco-Tourism

  • Community Empowerment  

In order to create a sustainable system of community participation, TMI Trail works with local communities, indigenous groups, and relevant institutions to create the frame work of an in-depth eco-tour guided by the local residents. For example, the famous Alangyi Ancient Trial Hiking Tour, on the east coast of Taiwan, is currently run by the local community.  

  • Staying with Agriculture and Fishing Villages    

Mini agriculture and fishing village tours for two to three days are created by TMI Trail, in which tourists have a chance to participate in the farming and fishing activities as well as experience the life of the locals. TMI Trail also published books to inform the public about the wonderful tour experience.