About Us

Core Philosophy:

  • Create a bicycle and pedestrian-friendly environment
  • Preserve natural scenery and our cultural heritage
  • Promote travel styles which help support a sustainable environment (carbon reduction, waste reduction, sustainable travel)
  • Build trails which have a lesser impact on the environment (eliminate the three hazards of the wilderness: light pollution, herbicides, and concrete barriers; promote eco-craft, and demonstration greenways)
  • Support local community businesses which help maintain a sustainable environment

Key Mission:

  • Phase 1: Trail Network
    • Connect a round-the-island thousand mile trail network
    • Connect communities around Taiwan with each other and volunteers to participate in discussions and trail hikes
    • Connect communities with related groups of cyclists, railroad experts, culture and history professionals, transportation specialists, environmental groups, etc.
  • Phase 2: Maintenance and Trail Network Communities
    • Trail Network Support Communities and Eco-tours Development
      • Promote eco-tours and revive the trail network
      • Publish books and electronic maps
    • Trail Maintenance
      • Build demonstration trails
      • Campaign for the preservation of the ecosystem, landscape, and cultural heritage.
      • Encourage volunteers to engage in trail repairs & maintenance
  • Phase 3: Standardized Trail System
    • Lobbying and legislation involvement
    • National Greenway and Green Network Project
    • Establish a regularly maintained eco-craft trail system (eco-craft masters, base camps, construction reforms)

Campaign for Our Mission 

  • Sharing and Discussion Platform
    • After the completion of round-the-island network, TMI Trail continues its work by raising awareness about the trail and the greenway mission through book publishing, discussion sessions, workshops, and forums. In a span of 7 years, TMI Trail has been holding more than 70 seminars to campaign for its vision among the citizens, community workers, professors, governors, and legal representatives. TMI Trail also held forums in local communities to facilitate the collection and exchange of ideas from the residents and interested participants.  
  • Celebrating “Taiwan Trail Day”
    • TMI Trail proposed the first Saturday of every June to be the Taiwan Trail Day; “To Do One Thing for the Trails”. TMI Trail wishes to engage more people to share their stories about the trails and reinforce the power of the public to maintain our beautiful trails. Come join us at the sites and protect our environment!