New Taipei launches website promoting centuries-old Tamsui Kavalan Historical Trails

(2018-12-09 Taiwan News/George Liao)

(Photo courtesy of New Taipei City Government)
(Photo courtesy of New Taipei City Government)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) –The northern trail of the centuries-old Tamsui Kavalan Historical Trails (淡蘭古道) connecting Taipei and Yilan will be completely repaired by the end of this year.

A website dedicated to the ancient trail system has been set up to give all sorts of information about the trails, New Taipei City Government said in a news release on Dec. 6.

Parts of the ancient trail system have been replaced by highways or industrial roads.

The Tamsui Kavalan northern trail now offers options ranging from half-day to two-day hiking trips for outdoor enthusiasts, the news release said.

The northern trail was built by the government during the Qing Dynasty, and today there still exist relics left behind, including official steles bearing inscriptions, along with ruins from the old post offices and grocery stores along the trail.

To promote the Tamsui Kavalan Historical Trails as an international destination for long hiking experiences, New Taipei City’s Tourism and Travel Department has joined hands with the hiking website Hiking Biji to establish the Tamsui Kavalan Historical Trails themed website, which currently only available in Chinese.

The website offers the public useful and rich information about the ancient trails, including introductions to the the trails, itinerary suggestions, interesting places and sites for recreation along the trails, as well as hiking maps that include GPX and KMZ files for download.

For more information about the Tamsui Kavalan trails, please refer to the Tamsui Kavalan themed website.

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