Taiwanese Film on Historic Mountain Trail Selected to Screen at World Trails Film Festival

(2018-10-09 Business Wire)

Tamsui-Kavalan Historical and Cultural Trails -- a journey that fuels your soul (Photo: Business Wire)
Tamsui-Kavalan Historical and Cultural Trails -- a journey that fuels your soul (Photo: Business Wire)

TAIPEI, Taiwan--()--“Tamsui-Kavalan Historical and Cultural Trails,” a promotional film directed by notable designer Xiao Qing-yang, had been screened at the inaugural World Trails Film Festival hold by the World Trails Network on Sept. 26 through 29 in Spain.

Tamsui-Kavalan Historical and Cultural Trails,” which is commissioned by the New Taipei City Government, showcases the Tamsui-Kavalan mountain trails from cultural aspects of its relationship with ancestors of Taiwan through incorporating different elements, including traditional glove puppet show, traditional Chinese music, and eco-craft trail, allowing the world to gain insights into the trails and the secret treasury of the west Pacific Ocean.

“We selected this film because we saw how these people constructed and care for the Tamshui-Kavalan mountain trails. The cultural perspective also allows us to see the beauty and sustainability of the trail,” noted Chairman Galeo Saintz of the World Trails Network.

The film was highly acclaimed by viewers, including those from trail associations and hikers around the world, who expressed their wish to visit the beautiful cultural trail of Taiwan after watching the film.

At the 7th World Trails Conference and the World Trails Film Festival, the Taiwan Thousand Miles Trail Association also presented a paper for audiences to gain a better understanding of the historic and cultural trail.

As Taiwan was once a critical stronghold on the map during the Age of Discovery, the Tamsui-Kavalan Historical and Cultural Trails has played an important role in the development of northern Taiwan, and served as a cultural path to connect Taiwan with the world. In the future, the Tamsui-Kavalan Historical and Cultural Trails will offer more options of routes to make it a must-visit destination for tourists to learn more about Taiwan, according to the New Taipei City.

The other five films screened at the festival were “Jordan Trail” (Jordan), “Ride of the Dead” (Mexico), “This Is Not a Beautiful Hiking Video” (US), “Trail Hunter” (South Africa), and “Trilha Transcarioca” (Brazil).

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